Rent A PortaBin Now!

A PortaBin rental starts at $349 for up to three days (500KG). This includes delivery, pickup, and dumping up to your weight category. All you have to do is fill it up and give us a call. Additional days are only $15/day.
We strive for a 3-hour delivery in the areas we serve. You can also come by and pickup a PortaBin at a depot.
Anything provided it is not dangerous, poisonous, explosive, etc. Please review our Waste Types page
Yes! PortaBins are easily lockable to prevent unwanted access to the bin during your rental period. Both locks for the coupler and the lids are provided with the rental.
Yes, while all of the contents of a waste bin are transported to the landfill, PortaBins offers bins specifically for Mixed Recycle materials that will be appropriately sorted after disposal.
Yes, if you have a vehicle that’s permitted to tow with a standard 2” tow-ball. You’ll want to exercise caution, once you’ve started loading the PortaBin, it’s dependent on the towing capacity of your vehicle.
Our starting rental term is three days, but you can have it for additional days at only $15/day.
Not all locations may not be able to do cash transactions, please inquire locally.
It is best to book the date and timeslot on our site to ensure you receive the PortaBin when you need it. We are typically able to get a bin delivered within 3-hours.
All our Portable Garbage Bins are taken back to our local depot where they are weighed and emptied. While waste is diverted to the landfill, anything placed in a Mixed Recycling PortaBin is transported to our registered recycling facilities for sorting and recycling. Learn more at our Environment Page.

‘Heavy stuff’ is material like sand, soil, concrete, bricks, tiles, etc. Please review the loading information on our Waste Types page

Yes, Street Use Permits may be available for purchase through your appropriate municipality.
We have two different weight categories for our PortaBins, 500KG and 1,000KG. Please check the bin details here (link to bin types**). The 500KG size is perfect for spring cleaning and domestic garbage. The 1,000KG size is ideal for renovation and builder’s waste.
All our PortaBins Portable Garbage Bins are 4-cubic meters in volume.
No. Unlike fixed bins delivered by heavy trucks, PortaBins are on a trailer and won’t damage either your driveway or lawn.
  • General Mixed/Building Waste – up to 500KG
  • General Mixed/Building Waste – up to 1,000KG
  • Heavy Waste (brick/concrete/roof tiles) – Up to 1,000KG
  • Green Waste – Up to 1,000KG
The PortaBins Portable Garbage Bin is a 4m-cubed, front-load bin on a registered trailer. It is approximately 2m high x 2.3m wide (78” high x 90” wide).