Rent A PortaBin Now!


Furniture, household junk, office material, electrical items, plaster, carpet, steel, construction, gardening, trees & branches.


We do not take concrete but will take some heavy items like soil mixed in with landscaping up to our weight restriction (1000kg/2200lbs)


We don’t take asbestos, chemicals, batteries, paint, food or biological waste. And nothing explosive like propane cylinders, gas cans or oil.

Mixed-Recycle PortaBin

  • All clear plastic containers with recycling symbols #1-7 count as mixed recyclables. Black plastic items, even those with #1-7 symbols, go in the trash.
  • Disposable (empty) coffee and beverage cups can go in the mixed recyclables bin, but lids must go in the trash.
  • Clear plastic bags (like sandwich bags) and any clear plastic that stretches, like plastic wrap, can be recycled; plastic wrappers that don’t stretch are likely cellophane and go in the trash. Plastic grocery bags go in the trash.
  • Paper, cardboard and non-refundable glass containers go in the mixed recyclables bin.
  • Empty your containers of leftover food and drink as best possible into the compost bin before recycling; you do not need to wash containers to recycle.

1x PortaBins    =

16 x Wheelie Bins!

or  4 x Trailer Loads!


PortaBins are all the same 6-Yard bin, pick your weight category

Standard Bins


  • Perfect for general household cleanup
  • Equivalent to 16x Wheelie bins of waste
  • Dumping included in price (500kgs/1100lbs)

Heavy Bins


  • Great for builders waste
  • Equivalent to 16x Wheelie bins of waste
  • Dumping included in price (1000kgs/2200lbs)



  • Excellent for diverting recyclables from the landfill
  • Can hold up to 6-yards of mixed recycling materials
  • Dumping included in the price