At PortaBins we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and a differentiated product that has been curated for customer convenience. This notion goes hand-in-hand with our mission statement: To provide a convenient waste removal alternative with extraordinary customer service.

Our 6-yard PortaBins have unique features that allow the unit to be implemented in ways unimaginable for other dumpster services. Our trailered design allows for precise installations exactly where our customers want their PortaBin. If you’re looking for a dumpster rental Calgary, look no further than our specialized T-1000 trailer! The wheels ensure no damage to lawns or driveways and we can even put a garbage bin inside your garage with 2-meters of clearance.

The rental cost also covers locks for the PortaBin, securing your purchase from scavengers and mid-night-dumpers. You get the keys and control what goes in your PortaBin.

Apart from the units, our customer service also is unique. Unlike other bin companies, we set up exact dates and times for deliveries and pickups, allowing you, the customer, to not spend your day waiting on a driver that might or might not come. What is more, we send texts when we are 30-minutes away to service your rental and ensure to be communicative in the event of a delay. PortaBins is even capable of handling same day dumpster deliveries, striving to have a PortaBin on-site within 3-hours of ordering (schedule permitting).

Check out our site further and when you’re ready to book your PortaBin you can do so either online or over the phone at 1-(866)-676-7822.