While our PortaBin is popular within the city of Calgary for those looking for a dumpster or garbage bin rental did you know we also service outside of the city limits? We do!

We deliver dumpster bin rentals as far south as High River, north as Airdrie, east as Strathmore, and west as Cochrane and Bragg Creek. Part of the cost of your PortaBin is the expense to deliver and pickup a PortaBin within city limits so there is an extra charge if you want delivery outside of the city limits. Here is a quick reference of what delivery expense you should expect if you order a rental bin from outside the Calgary city limits:

Chestermere, Airdrie – $30

Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Cochrane – $40

High River, Strathmore – $50

Do you live outside these limits or on a remote farm and want your PortaBin? Reach out to us via call or online and we will take your details and get back to you with a quote based on logistics.

Our customers can also save the expense and tow the PortaBin themselves, picking it up in the city and bringing the trailered unit to their desired location.

We are flexible at PortaBin and want to work with our clients to create the best and most convenient dumpster rental process we can!

Inquire within with any questions.