Born a waste focused company, PortaBins has always strived to be environmentally conscious when distributing our bins and disposing of their contents. Our delivery vehicle is a half-ton truck that utilizes optimized routes to emphasize efficiency and produce as little emissions as manageable by our operations team.

In a similar spirit PortaBins always tries to promote themselves as a last report for disposing of waste. Three important R’s of the disposal world are; Reuse, Reduce, and of course Recycle. These are the practices we promote to our customers before deploying a garbage bin for disposal.

Reusing and repurposing items set for disposal is a great initiative to keep waste diverted from the landfill. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure! Try selling items online on places like Kijiji, eBay or Facebook Marketplace to extract value from items that are no longer wanted or needed! Entities such as Women In Need Society, Goodwill or Value Village are also options for parting with items that are still good but aren’t selling online. Some thought should be put into if the value attributed to items is sentimental or monetary. The quality of the item being sold or donated should also be factored in, unfortunately at some point items are just beyond saving!

Reducing is a strong point to help combat unnecessary waste finding its way into the landfill. This comes with forethought when purchasing or acquiring items. Good questions to ask yourself are:

What is the impact of this object?

What is this objects longevity?

What materials are this item made of?

Finally  Recycling is the best known and strongest cultural means we utilize as a measure of waste consciousness, but did you know not all plastic and metal items are recyclable?

At PortaBins we offer a Mixed Recycling PortaBin rental for just $299 +tax. This is a great option if you have a large single sum of material that is to be disposed as long as it is an approved material for mass recycling.

Things that can go in our Mixed Recycling PortaBin include:

-Dry Cardboard and Paper

– Metal

– Glass

– Plastic – Clear items numbered 1-7

– Beverage Containers

Some things we don’t want to see in the Mixed Recycle PortaBin are:

– Hazardous Materials

– Mixed Packaging

– Plastics without a number or black plastics numbered 1-7

– Polystyrene Foam

– Shoes or Clothing

– Electronics

– Garbage

– Houseware Items

– Food or Organics

Our Mixed Recycling PortaBin is availible on request to the city of Calgary and the surrounding area. The rental price of $299 + tax includes delivery and pickup within the city of Calgary, Locks for the coupler and the bin, a 3-day rental and of course up to 6-yards of available recycling.

Just be aware of what goes in your recycle bin as any contamination of the load will result in a contamination charge and the entire contents of the load being re-directed to the landfill.

To book your Mixed Recycle PortaBin rental give us a call at 1-866-676-7822!